Consuelo Amantini

Name: Consuelo

Surname: Amantini

Associate Professor in General Pathology, 06/A2 SSD:MED/04, School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Camerino.


Total Citations: 7436 (Scopus)

Scientific publications: 112

Book Chapters: 7

H-index: 33 (Scopus)



-Role of Transient Receptor Potential Receptors in cancer cells and cancer stem cells.  

-Cancer cell line models for the study of the cellular pathways and transcription factors involved in the processes of autophagy, mitophagy, senescence, apoptosis and stemness responsible for the tumoral progression and chemo-resistance. 

-Mechanisms of action of anti-cancer drugs 

Consuelo Amantini